One of 2020's most formidable Real Estate disruptors
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By: Tori Wright & KJ Duck

One of 2020's most formidable Real Estate disruptors

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Are you familiar with the most formidable Real Estate disruptor of Spring 2020-- aka #WFH?

If you're not a millennial or social media hound this may require some translation. You're  probably familiar with "aka" (or "also known as") but just to be clear #WFH is instagram-turned-mainstream-speak for "WORK FROM HOME." 
I actually thought most people knew this but my very social-savvy Mom had no idea what I was talking about when I wrote #WFH in a recent email exchange. 
To drive home the commanding influence working from home is having on how we view our real estatejust yesterday I dropped in on a couple (yes at a distance) for whom we had recently helped purchase their dream home in downtown Toronto. Their dining room is now transformed into a workspace with four large computer monitors. The original vision was for large family dinners, not a giant work headquarters, but it works well. And, like many other people in the GTA, they may not be going back to work until 2021 -- if at all. 
Is #WFH here to stay? Jack Dorsey, the dual CEO of both Twitter and Square, has informed all his employees that they can continue working from home “forever”  Forbes article.  However, until restaurants, cafes and a nightlife fire back up, living and working in 700 square feet with a roommate in downtown Toronto has become pretty unappealing. In fact, many downtown millennials have chosen to sit-it-out at their parents' house (if they have the option) until the energy of the city that brought them here comes back. 
One thing is for sure, the shift is real and it has a lot of people re-thinking where and how to live. WTF (that's another one for mom) #WFHforever?  Forever is hard to get your head around, but we would love to hear more about what work from home looks like for you?