KJ's market knowledge was instrumental... on both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home. KJ led us through the purchase process, our first competitive bid situation, and secured the winning bid while not overpaying. On the sale of our old home, KJ gauged the market correctly and was able to elicit a competitive bid situation with over ten bidders. As a result we sold our home for 30% over ask. Most importantly, he is easy to work with, responsive, and generally just a nice guy to hang out with. - Bill & Amy, Cabbagetown

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I would definitely refer KJ. He will make sure that your house is in perfect condition to sell. I thought we were getting the special "family" treatment but from watching him work with other friends I see that everyone gets the "family" treatment. And, he knew the market well and correctly priced our house. I should add his team, James, Bev and the landscape guy were wonderful and did great work! - Leaside Sellers

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Tori and KJ are exceptional, fantastic, knowledgeable, experienced Real Estate Agents. I have purchased property 3 times in my life but I had never sold one of them. But when my house was no longer working for me in June 2020, I sold it. Without Tori and KJ I don't know how I could have done it? I had watched them get the house next door ready for sale in 2018 and when I finally decided to sell my home in Toronto after thinking about it seriously for about 5 years! I put myself into the hands and expertise of KJ and Tori. I am so very glad I did that. They connected me with Contractors, a Stager, a Packer, a storage facility, so many people and together we got my home ready to show in mid-June 2020. What a relief to know that I chose the right people with the experience and knowledge to help me with the monumental task of selling my home which I had lived in for 26.5 years. They are a wonderful Team. - Elizabeth M.

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KJ exceeded our expectations from day one. The service he provided, everything from the professional advice to the overall project management in preparing our house for the market, secured us top dollar for our home. We strongly recommend KJ to anyone looking for a full-service, professional, honest and hands-on agent. - Leaside Buyers

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