By: Tori Wright & KJ Duck


Tags: Toronto Real Estate, market predictions, house prices, photo credit

Suffice it to say, 2021's record-breaking Toronto Real Estate market is attracting considerable notoriety these days. 

Prices are climbing at a staggering pace and while housing supply is low, there seems to be a neverending supply of demand.

It used to be that losing a dream house to a bidding war was one of the biggest challenges for buyers - but now even getting into the market before prices climb out of reach is an even tougher battle. 

The average price of a detached home in the 416 climbed to $1,750,518 in March 2021 from $1,684,073 in February 2021, which is equivalent to 4% average price growth in 1 month, a $65,000 hit to a Buyers pocketbook and a nice boost to a Sellers bottom-line.  

The key to navigating the wild market we're in is to be one step ahead of it. At DUCK WRIGHT our greatest asset, irrespective of what the market is doing, is our strong relationships in the industry. 

We have built an extensive team of professionals from top agents, trades, designers and downsizers to lawyers and mortgage brokers. We provide our clients with the benefit of our own expertise plus an influential network of people to ensure we get critical answers to time-sensitive real estate decisions that save buyers money and get sellers the best value for their properties. 

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